+Anique Jordan’s Nowing: A Political History of the Present

By Danielle Taschereau Mamers


+BLOOMDOOMROOM: Face to face with the slow apocalypse

By Angel Callander

IMG_7815 (1)

+Of Colour by Katherine Agyemaa Agard

By Margaryta Golovchenko

paintingfront (1)

+Migueltzinta C. SolĂ­s’s “The Gay Villain Rides Again”

By Lauren Gabrielle Fournier


+Jess MacCormack’s SHAME SHAME, Go Away Illustrates the Invisible

By Rebecca Casalino


+The Unexpected Subject: 1978 Art and Feminism in Italy

By Gabrielle Moser


+The Power is in the Black Gaze: Out of Many

By Nya Lewis

Image 6 (Keosha)

+Mes Beaux Enfants et Autres Anamolies by Montserrat Duran Muntadas

By Vania Djelani

01Expo Mes beaux enfants (1)

+Queer Identities at I.C. Contemporary

By Rebecca Casalino

QueerIdentitiesOpeningShot (1)

+Impenetrable Intimacies: the body as a fever dream

By Dana Snow


+The Shrugging Lady Emoji and Russna Kaur’s Abstractions

By Ada Dragomir

DSC_2982 (2)

+Celebrating the Work: Marlene Yuen at grunt gallery

By EA Douglas


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