An Interview with Raha Javanfar: Sympathy for the Devil

By Alexia Bréard-Anderson

+Taking care but letting go: A Conversation with Jagoda Dobecka

By Juliane Foronda

+Part Two: Adam Barbu and Natalie Bruvels in Conversation – Maximalism and the Postmaternal

By Adam Barbu

+The Queer World of Relationships: In Conversation with Francesco Esposito

By Irene Bernardi

+Part One: Adam Barbu and Natalie Bruvels in Conversation- Maximalism and the Postmaternal

By Adam Barbu

+The Professor’s Desk by Zinnia Naqvi: Mayworks Festival

By Aysia Tse

+From Women to Everyone: In Conversation with Mulieris Magazine

By Irene Bernardi

+Clayworx: Fostering Art Education in the Community

+Soft Bodies:Marianne Burlew and Brianna Gluszak

By Moira Hayes

+How We Came to Be and Why We’re Here: In Conversation with Djenabé Edouard

by Elizabeth Polanco

+Make Me Less Evil: In Conversation with Angie Quick

Interview by Adi Berardini

Taking up Space: In Discussion with Hanna Washburn

+Orignal Sisters: In Conversation with Anita Kunz

Interview by Adi Berardini

+Depression Cooking: In Conversation with Sonali Menezes

By Rebecca Casalino

+ The Bed: In Discussion with Maayan Sophia Weisstub

Interview by Adi Berardini

+Reconnecting Through Recipes: Reflections with Meegan Lim

Interview by Aysia Tse


Interview by Adi Berardini

+Muscle Memory: In Conversation with Michèle Pearson Clarke

Interview by Adi Berardini and Aysia Tse

+Meditations on “Positive Energy” with Jen Rao

By Jen Kwan