+A Method of Attunement: In Conversation with Candice Hopkins

Interview by Adi Berardini

+Clay Bodies: Interview with Olivia Turchyniak

By Oriana Confente

+Part Two: Adam Barbu and Deirdre Logue In Conversation

By Adam Barbu

+Talking to Myself: On the Occult

By Emme Lund

+Part One: Adam Barbu and Deirdre Logue In Conversation

By Adam Barbu

Beyond Binaries: In Conversation with Mahsa Merci

Interview by Adi Berardini

+5 Must-Read Books by Trans and Non-Binary Authors

+Tufting the Everyday: In Conversation with Mychaelyn Michalec

+Respect Your Elders: In Conversation with Biju Belinky

Interview by Adi Berardini

+Sidney Mullis is Your Long-Lost Imaginary Friend

By Anna Mirzayan

+Weaving it all on the Dancefloor: A Discussion with dani lopez

Interview by Harper Wellman


+Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley’s Black Trans Archive

By Virginia Ivaldi

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+Towards a Speculative Future: In Conversation with Maari Sugawara

By Nawang Tsomo

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+Art and Conversations in the Diaspora: The Indian Farmers’ Protest

By Jaspreet Braich and Jasmine Sihra 


+Framing Black Sisterhood: An Interview with Gio Swaby by Nya Lewis

By Nya Lewis


+Memory and Place: In Conversation with Michelle Paterok

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+Art and Social Change: In Discussion with Munea Wadud


+Presence and Absence: In Conversation with Julia Rose Sutherland

by Margaryta Golovchenko

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+Nameless: Exploring Bezimena by Nina Bunjevac

By Anna Maria Sordjan


+Trap Crop: Discussing Money and Art with Kimberly Edgar

By EA Douglas

fruit/soil risograph publication by Kimberly Edgar