+Orienta 7: Mapping the City in Unexpected Ways

By Chourouq Nasri

Hafid Badri

+Natalia Goncharova in Florence: A Woman of the Avant-Garde

By Jennifer Griffiths


+Tear of Nature: Ajuan Song at Manhattan Graphics Center

By Chiara Mannarino


+Early Riser: A Perspective on Marclay’s the Clock

By EA Douglas

Christian Marclay The Clock 2010 (high res) 2

+Miss Meatface: Kat Toronto at The Untitled Space

By Chloe Hyman

Kat-Toronto-Miss-Meatface-No_Time-_For_Tears-The-Untitled-Space copy

+Nevertheless, We Persist: She Persists by Heist Gallery

By Adi Berardini

She Persists’ by Heist Gallery 16

+ Enchantment by Greg Ito at Arsenal Contemporary

By Adi Berardini


+Productive Discomfort at Xpace Cultural Centre

By Rebecca Casalino

Xpace_Productive Discomfort_003

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