Femme Art Review Issue 1


The first print issue of Femme Art Review, a publication that aims to provide space for women and LGBTQ2+ voices to reflect on art and culture. Although this first issue’s theme was open, themes such as gentrification, reclaiming the gaze, the intersections of race and gender and their relationship to invisibility/hypervisibility, and art and activism emerged.

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This is our first print issue of Femme Art Review (FAR), a publication that provides space for both women and LGBTQ2+ voices. This platform aims to reflect on art and culture in a dynamic, accessible way that aligns with everyday life. The acronym FAR seems quite fitting, since there’s still a far way to go to reach equality, especially in the art and culture realm.  Femme Art Review seeks to highlight emerging voices across Canada and internationally. 


Maria Lima
Julie D. Mills and Julia Lamare
Kosisochukwu Nnebe
Adi Berardini
Chloe Hyman
Courtney Miller
Nicole Yinki Wong
Chiara Mannarino
Gracia Ramírez 
Lauren Moya Ford
Andres Garzon
Julie Barrow
48 pages
5.5 x 8.5″ 

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