+Photography, Collage and Nostalgia: An Interview with Foxtrapped

+ Bridget Moser: Prop Comedy & Consumer Anxiety

By Alexandra Bischoff

+Anticipating the Avant-Garde: Hilma af Klint’s Prescient Aesthetics

By Lauren Fournier

+Empathy, Hope and Instafeminists

By Marie-Pascale Lafrenière

+The Colours of Queerness: In Conversation With Maximilian Suillerot Wilke

By Sara Peters

+Non-Regular Interview with Terra Poirier

+Jen Dwyer and Ceramics as Resistance

+Music, Art and Mysticism: Lay The Mystic

By Devana Senanayake

+ Sarah Davidson and Aimée Henny Brown on Fragments

By Adi Berardini

+Polyamory and Finding Solace in the Written Word

By Jamie Lee Arseneau

+Project Diversity

By Zsofia Kollar

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